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This page shows a comparison between two of the most advanced battleship designs ever. They are compared using a well defined and empiric system.

Battleship H44 vs. rowboat.

A short description of the contestants follows:

The German conjectural battleship H44 was the last battleship designed by the German Navy. The Germans never intended to built it, it was only a study how a battleship should look like that would be capable of resisting air strikes and heavy artillery bombardment.

A rowboat is the most simple design of a ship, muscle powered and with only the armament its one man crew carries. Its David against Goliath and lets look who wins!

Tactical Comparison

This is a comparison of the tactical capabilities of the two ships.

Tactical Comparison
Category H44 rowboat winner
Main Armament 8 × 50.8cm (20") MA 1 × swabs of cotton-wool H44
Speed 30kn 2kn H44
Turning Circle large small rowboat
Target size gigantic tiny rowboat
stopping distance from top speed long few meters rowboat
Stealth Capabilities bad very good rowboat
Armor side: 380mm steel.
torpedo bulkheads: 45mm+35mm
sloped armor: 150mm-200mm
decks: 30+20+130+140+60mm.
decks total: 380mm.
10mm wood rowboat*
Total 2 5 rowboat

*Wood is a far better armor material for ships than steel. It has a lower density than water and swims, while steel will helplessly sink to the ground!

Its absolutely clear: The rowboat has a distinct tactical advantage over the H44 battleship!

Strategical Comparison

This is a comparison of the strategical data of the two ships.

Strategical Comparison
Category H44 rowboat winner
Area of operation large view kmē H44
Required crew hundreds 1 man rowboat
Cost to produce high very low rowboat
Total 1 2 rowboat

From a strategic point of view rowboats are in advantage, too. The winner in both comparisons is:

The Rowboat