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Currently I am working on a new version of my role playing rules. Here, with my usual awesome reliability for updates, I will write what I am currently thinking.


My friend Fabian was able to identify the most significant attributes of an RPG (at least in our opinion):


The next is the list of skills. There are five skills. They don't have a ruling attribute. You can rather pick with what attribute you want to use the skill. The combination of attribute and skill determines what you want to do (skill) and how you want to achieve it (attribute). Or in the case of Knowledge, in which area you want to know something.


Checks are made like this: Roll 1d6, add Attribute and add Skill. Compare the sum to a target number. If your result is equal to or better than the target number you succeed, otherwise you fail.

So, that's it for to day. The next update will probably come within this millenium. If it ever comes...