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Well, almost an other year has passed since the last update. Warlon did a lot of work to bring you this, and finally I managed to upload it.

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You may download the current version here:

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Lots of changes...

Feedback & bug reports

Thanks for the bug reports. I definitely need them! No reason to hold anything back. I want them all!

Please sent feedback and bug reports to

Features supported by current version

Sorry that the promised updates where not implemented. It may still take a while.

WARNING: This version includes visual basic macros. There is one instance where the macro loads information from the registry data base, to get the information where the Okina-rdae Generator stores the xml files. This is an alpha version and I do not guarantee that anything works as You would expect it to work. You may want to open the sheet with disabled macros and review the macro code first.

Note: The sheet contains code to load and store XML data, which may be of interest to hobby programmers. It is not industrial strength robust high performance code but should be useful for certain non critical applications.

Thanks to Andreas, who has provided a nice download page for my files.

Thanks to Nazgul, who has provided an immense amount of help and incorporated the XML Export feature in his character generator.

Thanks to: Paul A., Jay T., Ken B., Michael L., Robert J., Mark K. E., Kenneth W., Ryan B., Moridin, Ben E., M.Miller, Jacob, Ian H., Lane McC., Brack W., Adrian W., Alan B., Corey B., Christian N., Christopher B., Daniel, David B., Dgephri, DinoKyd, Donald W, Dratch, Edward G., edwin, Jeff F., Frank F., Geoff F., Grendlin, grent, Walter H., IAMBagman19, James W., Jason S., Jay B., John R. L., John S., Jonathon J., J. Mark B., Kinn K., Kurt R., Lanier Man, Matthew L., Magehawk, Matt M., Neil S., Patrick S., Rafael B., Richard D., Rob W. Rolf G., Steven H., Talerdai, wdover, Quince B. W., William F., Xemaris for all the encouragement, bug reports and ideas.

This character sheet is for personal, non-commercial use only. (Except for the copyright holder and its official licencesees of course) It is Thomas Kathmann's original creation, intended for use with the Star Wars Roleplaying Game by Wizards of the Coast. It may be viewed as a tool for analysis under the Fair Usage terms. It contains as few copyrighted material as necessary, to ensure that it is useless without the proper copyrighted material. This character sheet is not official and is not endorsed by Lucasfilm or Wizards Of the Coast Ltd.. Any use of Lucasfilm's or Wizard Of the Coast's copyrighted material or trademarks anywhere on this sheet should not be viewed as a challenge to those copyrights or trademarks. Some contents of this sheet is © Lucasfilm Ltd. & trademark. STAR WARS®, THE EMPIRE STRIKES BACK®, RETURN OF THE JEDI®, STAR WARS: EPISODE I-THE PHANTOM MENACE®, ATTACK OF THE CLONES® and all logos, characters, artwork, stories, information, names, and other elements associated thereto are the sole and exclusive property of Lucasfilm Ltd. Some contents and layout of this sheet are © Wizards Of the Coast Inc.