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The Albatross was designed as a heavy duty convoy escort to protect cargo ships against pirate vessels and privateers. The goal was to have a ship that is almost immune against any weapons carried by smaller ships. Due to their good protection the ships where sometimes used as combat fleet support in emergencies. However, the crews of the ships weren't to happy about their role of diverting heavy weapon fire from the line of battle vessels. The destruction of several Albatross Escorts resulted in a reassignment of the rather expensive vessels to the anti-pirating role, where they where in much less danger of being destroyed.

Modifying the Albatross

Albatross class Escorts are ships of military design and highly optimized. Any modification to increase the ships performance will result in a performance loss in an other area. However, they may be modified with very rare super-tech to allow an even better ship. The Technical Data sections contain some recommendations for modifications.

Technical Data

Technical data is available for three RPG systems. Note that the ships are not identical, but I tried to create vessels that have a similar game effect.


Ship Names

A few suggestions for names of other ships of this class: